Iwano-Frankowsk and Gwizdec

On a sunny day on 12.3.2023, we started another charity trip. This time with a help of the Polish company Nowalijka we managed to get over 1000 soups ready meals!!! This is huge, I would like to personally thank for doing that. This together with the help of the other friend company Teonite allowed us to help people and kids who struggle in Ukraine. We also received some gifts from Lenovo that helped to bring smiles to faces of kids who we help.

We have visited 2 places Gwizdec where we met 12 kids that we help and we also visited the Department of social care in Iwano-Frankowsk.


The situation in Ukraine doesn’t get any better, the war is influencing all aspects of life and poor people become poorer. Our main focus is to help kids and we will continue to do as long we can. Despite the sadness related to every trip we cherish the moments when we see smiling people and kids – this make up for all the problems that we face.

Ukraine is also a beautiful country – this time we managed to see the beauty of “black soil” that already woke up after winter and a Polish church that was just next to the place where we have been in Gwizdec. Some old “babushka” came to us and told a story of this church with a pretty Eastern accent of the Polish language.