Delivery of supplies to Ivano Frankowsk.

On a sunny day of 12.1.2023 we departed from Warsaw, Poland and we drove with 2 cars to Lviw where we spend the night. The city is covered with darkness, no electricity for 12-20 hours per day. Everywhere on the streets are power generators just to keep electricity for small shops. It is a very sad view but it is nothing that was ahead of us. On the morning of 13.1.2023, we moved through small villages around 200km further to the city of Iwano-Frankowsk. During our trip, we have seen many new graves and it is just as sad as it can be for a human to see, the meaningless of the war.

First we have visited a house for old people where we left flashlights with power banks and thermos bottles.


Then we moved to our main target of the trip help those whose fathers, and husbands died in the War. We met the mayor of the City together with over 50 families who lost their beloved ones. All these families received food and all that we could bring and help with, Despite the sadness of the moment we saw little hope and smile on their faces.

We were surprised in a positive way that the mayor of the city and officials found our initiative so helpful.