Deliver food to Charkiv

We have delivered 2 tons of food to Kharkiv army officials who distribute the food and other resources to people who are in need. The scale of destruction by Russia is devastating.

We have seen the city just after a few weeks of the Ukrainian offensive which pushed Russians further away. During the night that we came, Russians launched a missile strike at the City and now we know how it feels to hear the anti missile alarm. Words can not describe the feeling, nothing compares and this happens every day. It is even hard to understand how Ukrainians live with this pressure.

It was over 2000 kilometers and 30 hours od driving with 2 cars and 4 people who rotated. At night when we got to Kharkiv there was a missile strike. 

After this trip, we promised to come back with another turn of help.


Iwano-Frankowsk and Gwizdec

On a sunny day on 12.3.2023, we started another charity trip. This time with a help of the Polish company Nowalijka we managed to get over 1000 soups ready meals!!! This is huge, I would like to personally thank for doing that. This together with the help of the other friend company Teonite allowed us to help people and kids who struggle in Ukraine. We also received some gifts from Lenovo that helped to bring smiles to faces of kids who we help.

We have visited 2 places Gwizdec where we met 12 kids that we help and we also visited the Department of social care in Iwano-Frankowsk.


The situation in Ukraine doesn’t get any better, the war is influencing all aspects of life and poor people become poorer. Our main focus is to help kids and we will continue to do as long we can. Despite the sadness related to every trip we cherish the moments when we see smiling people and kids – this make up for all the problems that we face.

Ukraine is also a beautiful country – this time we managed to see the beauty of “black soil” that already woke up after winter and a Polish church that was just next to the place where we have been in Gwizdec. Some old “babushka” came to us and told a story of this church with a pretty Eastern accent of the Polish language.


Help for kids and families of fallen defenders.

Once again, we are going to Ukraine with help. We borrowed a 3.5-ton semi-truck this time, and 3 of us hit the road. This time, the clue at the border was small, and we got to Lviv with no problems on the night of the 10th. This time we visited families of fallen heroes in Ivano Frankowsk and orphans in a different city.

We delivered food, clothes and 1st need articles. We also ensured each kid could find something sweet in the prepared set. 


Each of our visits to Ukraine is special in its way. The view of widows (usually at a young age) with their small children receiving aid kits will remain in our memory for a long time, just like driving through the main streets of Ivano-Frankivska where every third/fourth billboard presents the heroes of Ukraine who gave their lives in the fight against the Russian invader. 


The determination of the entire population of Ukraine deserves our respect. However, it is still necessary to help and support the people of Ukraine. The Clairfoudation Foundation will provide this help to the best of its abilities, and we will be eternally grateful to our donors for such support – material or in kind. 

This trip was possible due to the help one of the best IT companies in Poland : TEONITE 


Delivery of supplies to Ivano Frankowsk.

On a sunny day of 12.1.2023 we departed from Warsaw, Poland and we drove with 2 cars to Lviw where we spend the night. The city is covered with darkness, no electricity for 12-20 hours per day. Everywhere on the streets are power generators just to keep electricity for small shops. It is a very sad view but it is nothing that was ahead of us. On the morning of 13.1.2023, we moved through small villages around 200km further to the city of Iwano-Frankowsk. During our trip, we have seen many new graves and it is just as sad as it can be for a human to see, the meaningless of the war.

First we have visited a house for old people where we left flashlights with power banks and thermos bottles.


Then we moved to our main target of the trip help those whose fathers, and husbands died in the War. We met the mayor of the City together with over 50 families who lost their beloved ones. All these families received food and all that we could bring and help with, Despite the sadness of the moment we saw little hope and smile on their faces.

We were surprised in a positive way that the mayor of the city and officials found our initiative so helpful.


Delivery of food to Kiev

With the help of people and companies, we managed to gather 2000 kg of food and first need supplies. We have delivered these supplies to the one of charities in Kyiv. 

During this trip, it was a Sunday when Ukrainian forces destroyed the Crimean bridge and on Monday was one of the biggest air strikes since the beginning of the War. One of the rackets hit on our way back in Lviv near us.

It was a long and hard road but we have made it and we helped our friends from Ukraine.


Ambulance for Charkiv

Delivery of ambulance for Charkiv

With the help on many people and organizations, we managed to buy a used ambulance and deliver it to the officials in Kharkiv. We also helped with 2 more deliveries in different places. We hope they all serve well.